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With the new ordinance requiring Portland homes to undergo a Home Energy Score assessment before going on the market, we've seen many home sellers and realtors concerned about how mandatory energy audits could affect the real estate market.

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Recently, the City of Portland passed an ordinance which requires all homes located within city limits to undergo a Home Energy Score (HES) assessment before being listed for sale. The ordinance went into effect at the beginning of January, and this has raised a number of questions for Portland...

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Now that a City of Portland Home Energy Score is required for all Portland homes going on the market, realtors in the area are looking for ways to simplify the process of obtaining and reporting Home Energy Score (HES) information for listings. With new updates to the RMLS, realtors can now auto...

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Now that 2018 is here, every Portland home going on the market is required by law to undergo a Home Energy Score (HES) assessment before being listed. This has home sellers and realtors alike scrambling to schedule their HES assessments. Are you and your home prepared? If you're planning to sell...

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Here in the city of Portland, realtors and home sellers are gearing up for a major change in the housing market, where all Portland homes will need to undergo a City of Portland Home Energy Score (HES) assessment prior to listing starting January 1, 2018.

The ordinance requiring homes in Portland to get a Home Energy Score (HES) assessment before being listed for sale is just around the corner. If you're planning to sell your home in 2018, you're probably wondering what your Home Energy Score will be. Will your home get a 7 which represents high...

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Home buyers are becoming increasingly conscious of all of the hidden costs that go into owning a home, and that's got the housing market buzzing about home energy efficiency. More and more prospective buyers are requesting information about a home's energy efficiency so that they can better...

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If you're a realtor here in Oregon, you've probably heard that as of January 1, 2018, the City of Portland will require all Portland homes being listed for sale to undergo a Home Energy Score (HES) assessment. This may seem like a hindrance to your work as a broker, but in reality, the new...

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One of the core values of our Westside Family is that we care about our Community. And while we support and help many organizations, one we continue to support and partner with is Habitat for Humanity. We love what they do and we stand behind their mission to help people. We work with many...

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We know that America is not a perfect country but at Westside Drywall and Insulation, we love our country and are grateful for the countless men and women who have and do sacrifice their time, skills, and even lives to defend the many freedoms we are granted each day. And that is why the ...

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