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City of Portland-Home energy score

Now that a City of Portland Home Energy Score is required for all Portland homes going on the market, realtors in the area are looking for ways to simplify the process of obtaining and reporting Home Energy Score (HES) information for listings. With new updates to the RMLS, realtors can now auto-populate their RMLS listings with HES information including the Home Energy Score, the Home Energy Score report, and the date of issue.

Adding HES information to a property listing has never been easier!

Here’s How to Do It

1. Start a listing as usual.

Start by creating a new listing as usual. Simply log in, find ‘Back Office’ in the top menu, and then click on ‘Listing Load.’

On the next page, click on ‘New Listing’ in the lower right corner.

2. Enter property information.

Enter property information as usual, including the property category, area number, and county. Enter the tax ID and hit continue.

3. Locate the Green/Energy supplement form.

On the next page, verify that the address displays correctly and matches the property you are listing. Because Portland is listed in the city field, the Green/Energy supplement form will automatically appear on the left. Click on ‘Green/Energy’ to load the form.

4. Import Home Energy Score information.

On the Green/Energy supplement form page, you’ll notice that the box to include it is already checked. Click on the ‘Load From Green Building Registry’ button at the top of the page to import Home Energy Score information. You’ll get a warning message telling you that this will override any previously entered HES information. Click ‘OK.’ This will load the Home Energy Score and generate a URL for the HES report.

5. View your HES information.

Simply continue as usual and publish the listing. When you view your published listing, you’ll notice all HES information listed under the Green/Energy supplement section, including the Home Energy Score, date issued, and a link which will take you to the Home Energy Score report.

Westside Drywall: Your Home Energy Score Partner

In order to take advantage of this convenient RMLS feature, it’s important to partner with an assessor you can rely on for quick and reliable Home Energy Scores. At Westside Drywall, we conduct City of Portland Home Energy Score assessments with rapid turnaround, meaning you can get the information you need in less than 24 hours. You can even sign up for Westside’s Preferred Realtor Program to qualify for special discounts on your assessments.

Need a certified City of Portland Home Energy Score assessor? 503-620-7036 or contact us at  to sign up for our home assessment services today.