Why Spray Foam Insulation?

July 19, 2018

Spray Foam Insulation- 

the Rockstar of the Insulation World!

Informed consumers want the very best materials for optimal building performance. Spray foam insulation has proven to be the best-performing insulation solution available. SES Sucraseal Spray foam is an effective strategy for retaining heat and helping a home stay cool. Even HGTV has it figured out and shared that spray foam is more effective than the fiberglass alternative.

Spray foam has many benefits. It creates a tight air seal throughout a home or building, reducing unwanted air loss and incoming pollutants. This amazing material can expand up to 100 times its volume, filling in voids and hidden air pathways. And if moisture is causing you problems, medium density spray foam can block water and vapor.

If you want outstanding comfort and added energy savings, this is the product for you. Because of its nature, spray foam must be applied by a certified professional. The Westside Energy Team can help you decide if spray foam is right for you.  Call us today and we will show you how to start improving your home or building, and conserving energy.