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Energy Trust of Oregon Incentives from Westside Drywall’s Service

As a local builder looking for energy efficiency solutions, you have no doubt spent a few hours on the Energy Trust of Oregon website. By partnering with Westside Drywall & Insulation you’ll gain guidance in every phase of the Energy Trust process. Our teams have years of experience in this area. That experience will inform your projects and generate better, more profitable results.

Builders can receive Energy Trust of Oregon incentives in several of Westside Drywall’s service groups.

Insulation Service Group

Proper insulation is an essential part of the energy-efficiency formula, ensuring lower costs and providing comfort year round. Make insulation upgrades in your building and get Energy Trust cash incentives while you save energy, reduce heating and cooling costs, decrease outside noise and create a more comfortable environment for employees, customers and guests.

Insulation is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to make your project more comfortable year-round. Insulation helps maintain a uniform temperature in the property, keeping units warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Energy Trust cash incentives include:

  • Ceiling/attic insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Knee wall insulation
  • Rim joist insulation
  • Duct insulation

Multi-Family Service Group

Controlling energy-related operating expenses is a priority for property managers. Energy Trust of Oregon can help with cash incentives for energy-efficient upgrades at existing multi-family properties with 2 units or more and for construction of new multi-family properties.

Contact Westside Drywall & Insulation and ask for our multi-family manager to discuss your options! Some of the opportunities include:

  • New high-efficiency heat pumps
  • Gas furnaces
  • Insulation
  • Windows

We also provide free energy-efficient fixtures, practical, technical, and financial advice, as well as assistance with obtaining applicable state business energy tax credits. Energy Trust defines a multi-family property as a complex with two or more units. Multi-family properties can be renter- or owner-occupied (such as condominiums).

Commercial Buildings Service Group

When your customers save energy, they save money. Affiliation with the Energy Trust Existing Buildings program can give you the edge you need to build your business in today’s competitive energy services market. Westside Drywall & Insulation, Inc. has the training, incentives, technical support, marketing, and recognition to retrofit commercial and industrial buildings across Oregon with energy-efficient equipment.

Existing Homes Group

Opportunities for single-family residence retrofit projects

Energy Trust’s Existing Homes program helps bring your energy-efficiency expertise directly to homeowners who want to use energy wisely and save money season after season. Westside Drywall & Insulation can help you get cashback for installing energy-saving improvements in existing site-built, single-family homes, as well as existing manufactured homes.

Call us today and ask for our existing homes group to learn more!

Choose Westside as your partner in the Energy Trust process.

Our experience is your guide.


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