Drywall Services in Portland, OR

Drywall Services in Portland

Drywall in Portland, OR

Drywall Installation from Westside Drywall & Insulation, Inc.

When construction walls or partitions, not everything needs to be expensive aged wood. There exists a substitute that residential and commercial contractors have been using for years that offer almost the same durability, aesthetics, and insulation capabilities: drywall. Wallboard, sheetrock, gypsum panels - drywall goes by many names because it can be used in so many capacities. These thick panels of calcium sulfate, blended with other additives, including plasticizers, and foaming agents, are pressed between facer and backer paper then used in various essential constructions, including interior walls and ceilings.

Why Drywall?

Drywall contractors use the panels for a variety of reasons. It has an attractive drywall R-Value (ability to resist heat flow) for insulation and reduces mildew, flammability, and water absorption.

Our Superior Drywall Services

At Westside Drywall & Insulation, our highly-skilled drywall specialists deliver all of the exceptional services you’ve been searching for:

•Drywall Installation: Our crews ensure a strong, even drywall installation using all the proper tools and methods. We keep your needs top-of-mind and deliver the smooth structural and partitioning walls on a timeframe and budget that works for you.

•Drywall Repair: When you notice holes, cracks, or discolorations in your walls, talk to our experts about fast, affordable drywall repairs! We'll assess your unique needs, procure the right materials for the job, save you more, and repair or install new panels, quickly and efficiently, for minimal interruption to your daily life.

•Drywall Replacement: Drywall replacement is best left to the professionals. We know what signs to look for, what level (0 to 5) is necessary for our work and complete replacements that meet or exceed all local fire and building codes, including fire-rated rock (when required). Let us be your advocate.

•Sheetrock Installation: Before our drywall company installs any new sheetrock, we go through all of the necessary steps for you with the utmost thoroughness and skill. Measuring, driving screws, adding additional sheets, planning for windows, doors, and outlets - it all comes standard as part of our service promise to you.

•Textured Drywall Insulation: Textured drywall is something that almost every drywall company knows about, but something few can accomplish with the same artistry as us. Light or heavy, simple grains or complex, fine or coarse - we use the most advanced, modern materials and services to create a dynamic, functional look you'll love.

Choose Westside Drywall & Insulation for Your Next Project

From entry-level to multi-million dollar homes, Westside Drywall & Insulation is the company that top residential production builders and custom home builders depend on when they need quality workmanship. We are the residential market leader for drywall in the Portland and Vancouver metropolitan areas, having performed more than 70,000 projects over 30 years.

A Family Tradition of Service & Results

As a family-owned and operated business with three decades of industry experience, Westside Drywall & Insulation can tackle projects of any size. From Eugene and Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington – our skilled crews help keep your projects on schedule and exceeding customer expectations for home performance and durability. Most builders choose us for the sheer volume of drywall we can source and install. No other company in the area compares to Westside in that respect. Many of our clients also appreciate that they can call one company for more than one service. We are now the go-to source for home insulation services and weather-resistant barriers in the area.

Your Green Construction Experts

In addition to our experience, we’re also a premier one-stop-shop for energy-efficient construction. We take the guesswork out of green home construction and provide products that meet Oregon and Washington building codes for energy efficiency. From the early design process through construction, the Westside Drywall & Insulation team of experts provides solutions for innovative energy-efficient projects by offering technical expertise and a suite of products that work together to achieve high levels of energy efficiency and customer value.

Saving You More Over Time

We offer great rates too! Our buying power allows us to pass on the savings to customers, and our company offers discounts when bundling drywall services with our other services. Call us today to learn more, and schedule your personalized estimate with us!

Drywall expertise for any size project and every local builder

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Mark, Portland, OR

I want to commend you all for a first-rate job on my sheet-rocking and texturizing. The work was very promptly done, and expertly so. I was very impressed with your workers – they were neat and cleaned up after themselves. I'd hire you guys again in a heartbeat. The work was very competitively priced.

Portland, OR
Energy Efficiency
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