Attic Insulation in Portland, OR

Attic Insulation in Portland, OR

Westside Drywall & Insulation's Attic Insulation Services

Attic insulation sets the temperature for the rest of your household. With such an important role, it’s important to get the job done right. At Westside Drywall & Insulation, Inc., we’re local Portland attic insulation contractors with a passion for our trade, unmatched expertise, and the highest level of quality service.

Before you get your attic insulated, it’s essential to know your needed insulation levels, or R-value, which largely depends on where you live geographically. With our moderate weather here in Portland, R-values fall just in the middle of the range. Our trained team will assess your home pre-installation to determine which value best suits you. 

Types of Attic Insulation 

Not all insulations are alike. We offer different types of insulation for your attic and the rest of your home to fit your property’s specific needs. The three forms of attic insulation we provide are:

1. Spray Foam
Spray foam is among the best insulators. Consisting of polyol resin and isocyanate, the foamy mixture is sprayed onto your attic’s walls, forming an airtight seal within seconds. The process can be dangerous, so it’s important to call a professional like Westside Drywall & Insulation, Inc.

2. Batt Insulation
Also known as “blanket insulation” or “batt and roll,” this popular and affordable option is easy to install on your attic and elsewhere in your home. Batt insulation is made of fiberglass and provides high amounts of insulation. By simply rolling it onto your wall like a blanket, you’ll be saving tons of money when your energy bill rolls around.

3. Cellulose Insulation
This classic insulation option is made of 80% recycled materials and is very environmentally friendly. It offers more R-value than fiberglass and fits in most spaces. It’s just as effective at reducing noise as retaining heat. 

Attic Insulation Benefits 

Insulation is meant to control your home’s heating and cooling, but its benefits extend beyond keeping a comfortable air temperature. If you decide to insulate your attic with us, you’ll enjoy perks such as:

  • Helping the environment by cutting excessive energy consumption
  • Saving up to 30% on utility bills
  • Improving air quality
  • Protecting your property from moisture damage
  • Allowing your heating and cooling units to rest

How Much Attic Insulation Do I Need? 

As we mentioned, the amount of attic insulation you need in your home is measured by R-value. The “R” stands for resistance to heat flow, so values with a higher number mean they offer greater insulation. For attics in Portland, R-38 to R-60 is the norm. Age matters just as much as location, however. Any home that’s 10 or more years old will likely need its R-value boosted a little. During an inspection, we’ll measure exactly what your particular home needs. 

How to Maintain Your Attic Insulation

Proper attic insulation can last for 80-100 years. To make sure it’s not damaged, we recommend getting an inspection about every 10 years. Managing your home’s moisture levels is also essential to keep your insulation functioning at its highest potential. To avoid moisture build-up, keep your house properly ventilated and air sealed. 

Choose Westside Drywall & Insulation, Inc. in Portland 

For high-quality home service in Portland, you can trust Westside Drywall & Insulation, Inc. Our family-owned and operated business has been serving the community with integrity and innovation since 1991. We provide optimal attic insulation at a reasonable price for residential jobs, commercial properties, and multi-family homes. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, contact us today & fill out our online form today. 

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