Georgia Pacific

Westside Drywall & Insulation chooses Georgia Pacific products for many of our largest jobs. As a leading contractor in our area, we are able to negotiate the best prices and pass that discount along to our customers.

Energy Trust Oregon

Trade ally contractors receive training and support from Energy Trust, and can help you complete your cash incentive applications. These contractors are on the front lines of offering energy-efficiency and renewable energy services and products to help you use energy wisely.

Energy Star

Contractors who participate in a locally-sponsored Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program offer homeowners a comprehensive approach to home improvement that provides better energy efficiency, greater comfort, and lower utility bill. These specially-trained contractors evaluate homes using state-of-the-art equipment and recommend comprehensive improvements that will yield the best results. 


CertainTeed is a leading North American manufacturer of building materials including roofing, vinyl siding, trim, fence, railing, decking, insulation, gypsum, and ceilings products. Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, CertainTeed has approximately 6,000 employees and 65 facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Through its Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives (VMVO) initiative, CertainTeed strives to be the preferred choice for innovative building products and systems by delivering a superior Customer experience to a broader market through the development of exceptional team performance and world-class processes. 


Sustaining our planet, and our business, means protecting natural resources and empowering individuals and communities throughout the world to encourage progress. It means balancing economic, environmental and social factors while addressing global challenges. And above all else, it means uniting under a common goal: improve every life.


Tremco consists of operating divisions specializing in the manufacture and sale of roofing materials and services, construction sealants, glazing and gaskets, waterproofing systems, air barrier and fire stopping systems and a host of custom-designed products, programs and services dedicated to the worldwide construction and maintenance and repair industries. We are committed to helping our customers develop and maintain high performance buildings that operate with the lowest possible life-cycle costs.


At Armstrong, protecting our planet is synonymous with good business. TheArmstrong GreenPrint is our commitment to sustainability. We focus on the areas that are important to you, our customers. Our sustainability program has a three-pronged focus: To decrease the environmental footprint of our operations and our key suppliers through energy reduction, responsible water management and waste reduction; To drive continued innovation focused on the development and delivery of products which contribute to more sustainable buildings; To be a responsible partner in the communities where we operate.

Johns Manville

We build environments™. For more than 150 years, Johns Manville has focused on developing materials to make diverse environments stronger, more durable, and more energy efficient and comfortable. We manufacture premium-quality building and mechanical insulation, commercial roofing, glass fibers and nonwoven materials for commercial, industrial and residential applications. JM products are used in a wide variety of industries including building products, aerospace, automotive and transportation, filtration, commercial interiors, waterproofing and wind energy.

Owens Corning

Owens Corning began when an experiment with glass building blocks produced an unexpected result – it revealed a way to make glass fibers in commercial quantities. That discovery launched more than a new product. It set in motion a remarkable series of events that included the birth of an innovative company that would develop new industries related to the production of fiber glass materials. Owens Corning's operations today span the world. It is a leading global producer of residential and commercial building materials, including insulation and roofing shingles; glass-fiber reinforcements for products such as cars, boats, wind blades and smart phones; and engineered materials for composite systems.

Hamilton Drywall Products

Hamilton Drywall Products is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of Drywall Finishing Products and Texture Materials. We also offer a complete line of quality accessory products used in Drywall Installation and Finish.


At USG, sustainability means building in harmony. We are committed to products that are in sync with the environment and the communities in which they are designed, manufactured, distributed and ultimately used.  We have been committed to being a sustainable company long before "sustainability" and "green" became popular terms. It's the way we have always done business. Before environmental stewardship became a mainstream issue, we were concerned about how to reduce or reuse waste, use resources more efficiently and transform manufacturing byproducts into valuable resources.

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