Weather Resistant Barriers

Energy bills are one of the highest regular expenses that homeowners pay each month. Renovating existing homes to be more energy efficient can result in decades of cost savings, while boosting home comfort.

We install weather resistant barriers that boost home durability, comfort, and energy efficiency in Western Oregon and Washington. As homeowners seek ways to minimize energy and maintenance costs, our weather-resistant barrier systems provide a solution.

The benefits of the Enviro-Dry Weather-Resistant Barrier system:

Prevents mildew, mold and rot by protecting against home water infiltration
Boosts home durability by keeping the elements out
Increases energy efficiency by reducing air leakage in and out of the building
Enhances occupant comfort and indoor air quality

Seamless Application for Home Renovations

the energy experts at Westside Drywall can help every step of the way, so your home renovation project meets your energy efficiency and comfort goals. Our weather resistant barrier is a liquid-applied membrane that creates a continuous barrier, significantly boosting the performance of the home’s envelope. It works well on existing homes, and is applied on the sheathing once the siding is removed. This barrier is permanent once it cures and will remain intact as long as the wall is in place.

Lower Energy Bills

Energy accounts for a large percentage of overall cost of owning a home. Finding energy-efficiency solutions solutions will lower your energy bills for years to come.

Weather resistant barriers boost the performance of the home exterior in the Pacific Northwest, by significantly reducing the infiltration of unconditioned air in and conditioned air out of your home. Our weather-resistant barriers are permanent and will remain intact as long as the wall is in place, resulting in decades of energy savings.

Weather Resistant Barriers Like Ours Boost Home Durability

Throughout the Willamette Valley and up to Seattle, we apply uninterrupted weather resistant barriers, protecting against both air and water infiltration. This is a simple and effective way to prevent mold, mildew and rot, and the resulting maintenance and air quality issues .

The Enviro-Dri system creates a continuous uniform barrier that completely adheres to the sheathing system. For this reason, the product comes with a 10-year warranty, starting on the application date. The energy-efficiency experts at Westside Drywall can help make your renovated home more durable and energy efficient with this innovative product.

Occupant Comfort

Air and water infiltration can cause numerous home comfort issues. Many homes have areas that are uncomfortably warm or cold, or are drafty. In addition, mold and mildew exposure can trigger a variety of health problems, including coughing, wheezing, and eye irritation, according to the Center for Disease Control.

An effective air and water barrier can avoid these comfort issues in Western Oregon and Washington, by controlling water and air flow through the exterior of your home. The result is a healthier home environment from increased comfort and reduced risk of mold growth.

Your Green Construction Experts

As your one-stop shop for energy efficient home renovations, we take the guesswork out of reaching your home-performance goals. From the early design process through construction, the Westside Drywall team of energy experts provide solutions by offering a suite of products that work together to achieve high levels of energy efficiency and value.

With decades of industry experience, Westside Drywall can tackle projects of any size. Our skilled crews help keep your projects on schedule and will exceed your expectations.

Call us today at 503-238-7486 to add our high-performing weather resistant barrier to your whole-home renovation project!

A protective shell for your home.

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While getting bids, only Westside crawled into my attic and under the house for a thorough inspection. The bid was also the most detailed. I double checked to see if the crawl space was actually insulated because the crew of 3 worked so quickly. Great work with professional crews. I love how cozy my house is now.

Portland, OR
Kim B.
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