Energy Conservation

Many homes in the Portland and Vancouver areas are less efficient than they should be. The Energy Trust of Oregon has programs for Oregon and Washington homeowners that can cut your energy bills and help you live more "green."

When you're ready to upgrade, the energy experts at Westside Drywall will consult with you every step of the way. We're your guide in the process!

We offer a variety of energy-efficiency services to homeowners in Portland, OR and Southwest Washington and can help you take advantage of cash incentive programs.

Energy Trust offers a cash incentive for qualified existing homes for:

  • Insulating the attic, ceiling, walls, and boiler pipes
  • Installing high-efficiency windows
  • Sealing air leaks
  • Installing a new high-efficiency water heater
  • Upgrading heating equipment
  • Installing a solar electric system (in Oregon)
  • Upgrading qualified appliances (in Oregon)

A Westside Drywall energy expert can visit your home to give recommendations and help you navigate the incentive program. In the end, you'll be doing your part to reduce the overall energy load on your city – while saving money for yourself!

Helping You Take Advantage of Energy-Saving Incentives

Great energy-efficiency cash incentive programs exist in the Pacific Northwest, but they may seem daunting to navigate. Westside Drywall is your one-stop shop for energy performance services. Our energy experts have extensive building science knowledge and know how to insulate and air seal homes for greater home performance and comfort.

Your Westside Drywall team will take the guesswork out of obtaining energy-efficiency cash incentives. As third-party verifiers for Energy Trust of Oregon, we'll help you fulfill program requirements, and test for duct leakage and air infiltration in your home.

Your One-Stop Shop For Energy Efficiency

Our building science knowledge can also improve the durability of projects, reducing future maintenance costs. Westside Drywall’s suite of energy-efficiency products includes permanent weather-resistant barriers that avoid mold and mildew issues by preventing water infiltration.

Reliable Energy-Efficiency Products

With so many products on the market, it is hard to know which offer the greatest energy savings, durability, and value. Rest assured that we offer only products known for exceptional home performance, durability, and energy savings.

Westside Drywall offers a continuous weather-resistant barrier that prevents air and water infiltration, boosting building performance and preventing future maintenance. We also offer a variety of insulation products that are customized for each home. By bundling our services, we can offer discounts to our valued customers.

Your Energy Efficiency Experts

As a go-to source for homeowners in Portland, Oregon; Vancouver, Washington; and beyond – we take the guesswork out of green construction and provide products that meet Oregon and Washington building codes for energy efficiency. The Westside Drywall team of experts provides solutions for home renovations by offering building science expertise and a suite of products that work together to achieve high levels of energy efficiency and customer value.

Call us today at 503-238-7486 to discuss your home performance dreams! We'll collaborate with you to make the dreams a reality.

Let us be your guide to a more energy-efficient home.

Talk to us today about Energy Trust rebates!


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I'm very happy with the work you did at North Ivanhoe in Portland. The guys that worked on this job were very professional and polite, and the job went perfectly.

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