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Today, home buyers are seeking energy efficient homes with a lower Carbon footprint. Your team at Westside Drywall works with builders every step of the way to create a durable, energy-efficient new home from locations like Eugene, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington. An integrated design approach that considers all building systems together is essential for meeting green construction goals.

The Energy Trust of Oregon offers a $500 incentive to builders who complete the design assistance requirements, and we can guide you in completing this process. Our Westside Drywall team brings experience to the table. Our method pulls key project players together to review plans, which means we facilitate communication between the architect, builder and subcontractors before construction begins.

This essential step prevents costly construction errors and helps keep projects on schedule. Collaboration in the design process helps promote the performance of the new home by addressing energy efficiency strategies at the earliest possible stage.

During the design assistance process we:

  • Invite key players to discuss the new home during the planning phase of the project
  • Define the goals of the design meeting, taking the burden off the builder
  • Review the plans and possible changes that are within the scope of the builder’s abilities to boost home performance
  • Discuss restrictions that need to be followed by subcontractors for optimum energy efficiency
  • Facilitate communication among key players for a higher quality finished product and an easier construction process
  • Provide documentation to qualify for the Energy Trust incentive
  • Review plans for compliance with the Energy Performance Score criteria by Energy Trust of Oregon

We Simplify the Design Assistance Process

Taking advantage of state incentives can be a daunting task. At Westside Drywall, we take the guesswork out of the process and bring home performance expertise to the table. We offer technical support and advice on best practices for increased home performance. Westside Drywall can also provide Energy Performance Score testing and air testing later in the project.

Save Time and Money

A key benefit of an integrated design approach is that it reduces errors, saving time and money while preventing delays. It is much easier to make necessary design changes early in the design process, when the plans are still flexible. Our integrated design process also helps builders earn a strong reputation for exceptional home performance, and reduces callbacks – by delivering durable, energy-efficient homes.

Your Green Construction Experts

As your one-stop shop for energy-efficient builders in Portland, Vancouver, Seattle and beyond, we take the guesswork out of green home construction and provide products that meet state building codes for energy efficiency. From the early design process through construction, the Westside Drywall team of experts provides solutions for innovative, energy-efficient projects by offering technical expertise and a suite of products. It all works together to achieve high levels of energy efficiency and customer value.

Westside Drywall provides many services for the Energy Trust of Oregon program, including third-party verification, Energy Performance Score testing, and air tightness testing. We also provide insulation and weather resistant barriers that further the energy performance of projects.

With decades of industry experience, Westside Drywall can tackle projects of any size. Call us today and enlist the help of our skilled consultants and crews. Your projects will be on schedule and will exceed customer expectations for both home performance and durability.

Simplify the design process, at no cost to you.

Schedule Energy Trust design assistance with us today!


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