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Even the best home performance products will fail if not properly installed or incorporated into a strategic plan. Our talented staff of building science experts will help create a home for you and your family that will bring better indoor air quality, increased comfort levels and lower utility costs each month.

It’s the Westside promise, and it’s why we have such an excellent reputation in the Portland area. Call us today to begin the process for your home!

Great energy-efficiency cash incentive programs exist in the Pacific Northwest, but they may seem daunting to navigate. Westside Drywall is your one-stop shop for energy performance services. Our energy experts have extensive building science knowledge and know how to insulate and air seal homes for greater home performance and comfort.

Improved weatherization is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. Not only do you gain comfort and energy savings, but your home will also become more valuable to buyers, you will make a positive impact on the environment and you will extend the life of expensive heating and cooling systems in your home.

Our skilled crews complete a variety of home upgrades, all with the goal of providing the greatest value to the homeowner by lowering utility bills, boosting comfort, and promoting indoor air quality. We also consult on energy-efficient hot water heaters, ductless heat pumps, and ventilation systems that promote home performance.

Making building science work for Portland-area homeowners.

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Kim B., Portland, OR

While getting bids, only Westside crawled into my attic and under the house for a thorough inspection. The bid was also the most detailed. I double checked to see if the crawl space was actually insulated because the crew of 3 worked so quickly. Great work with professional crews. I love how cozy my house is now.

Portland, OR
Kim B.
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